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Guide to the different types of massage


CLASSIC MASSAGE known as Swedish massage is a treatment done with base/carrier  massage oils as sunflower oil, almond oil, canola oil etc. The 5 main technique in this massage are effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction and vibration or shaking.  All the movements in this massage are warming up the muscle tissue, releasing tension, it help to reduce joint pain and stiffness, breaking up the muscle knots, improving circulation, reducing stress etc.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE  is a bit similar to Classic massage with a difference that we use essential oils added in base/carrier oil (combines more gentle touches from Classic/Swedish massage) . Essential oils are extracted from different parts of herbs and plants (flowers, seeds, roots, leaves,fruits)  and used to achieve different therapeutics  benefits.  The oils are absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream. Than the oils can travel through your body and have an effect on a specific organ or function in your body. It have  physical, emotional and mental benefits, reduces stress, relaxes and balances the body as improve the immune system.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE is a massage where we use many of the same movements as in Classic massage but the pressure is more intense to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia .  It's used for chronic aches and pain as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. Therapists use different techniques, including applying pressure with their elbow.

SPORT MASSAGE can be used as pre event preparation, during the training or after an event as post event massage for sport professionals or just for ordinary athletes, and as a rehabilitation massage after some injury or to prevent them. It can be used Classic massage to stimulate circulation, trigger point therapy to break down the knots in the muscles and stretching. We use this massage for a specific problem on particular area  or it can be used as full body massage.

PRENATAL/PREGNANCY MASSAGE  uses gentle techniques to reduce pregnancy discomfort as body aches, stress, anxiety, insomnia, muscle tensions, lower back, neck and shoulders pain, joint tenderness, improve circulation, and much more. You will get a massage in a way that you lie down on your side. Due to the risk of miscarriage , Prenatal massage is not done in first trimester (first 3 months). 

HOT STONE MASSAGE is a massage therapy where therapist use heated stones to warp up the muscles to relieve tensions and pain. The stones are usually made of the volcanic rock type called basalt and they are used because they can retain heat. Before the treatment the stones are placed in hot water to be warm and ready for treatment. Heated stones can be placed on different areas of your body during the treatment or the therapist may hold a stone to massage different parts using gentle pressure.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE last 30 minutes and works on upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face. It is based on ancient healing system of Ayurveda medicine and it`s also known as champissage. IHM use a combination of massage strokes and acuppressure points. It increase mobility and flexibility in neck and shoulders, very effective for headaches and migraines, improves blood circulation, stimulated lymphatic drainage, eliminates the toxins, release the stress, calming the mind, improves oxygen flow to the brain etc.

TSUBOKI JAPANESE FACE MASSAGE was created by Anne Parry and its based on Traditional Japanese Face Massage combined with her techniques . It begins with deep neck massage, detailed face massage with oil, doing 40 acupressure points on the face, and finishing with simple lymphatic drainage  and grounding. There are twelve meridians running through the body and eight run through the face. All acupressure points are located along meridians and when we work on tsubos on a particular meridian, we have the possibility of influencing the flow of energy through the whole meridian.    

CHOCO-COCO MASSAGE - Chocolate massage with coconut oil is releasing stress and it's made of natural organic chocolate and organic extra vergine coconut oil combination. It stimulates the metabolic processes of the body. Chocolate contains caffeine that stimulate blood circulation, antioxidants which prevents damage by free radicals and  contains cocoa butter, natural oils and emollients necessary for treating dry and rough  skin. Chocolate contains theobromine that is helping to burn fat and get rid of cellulite. Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin and is used as a treatment for stretch marks and as a moisturizer. Coconut oil has vitamin E which nourish skin and make it smoother and softer. Chocolate with Coconut oil massage can be taken by anyone because it does not have any harmful effects and after that massage you will feel rejuvenated and your skin will be soft as silk.

INTUITIVE HEALING MASSAGE is massage where the therapist use intuitive ability to locate and release energy blockages. This treatment is unique for every person where the therapist is guided by energy of the client. It is combination of soft and deep pressures, accupressure points and Reiki Healing. Every treatment have its own flow and duration. With Intuitive massage we can make balance in the flow of energy through our body.

SPA RELAXATION MASSAGE  is a gentle Swedish massage, very relaxing without a focus on releasing the pain and tension from the muscle. The massage is done slow and with light pressures. It promotes deep relaxation and relieve stress.  It is performed with oils and aromatherapy for deep mental and physical experience of peace.

FOOT MASSAGE is very relaxing massage especially after all day being on your feet. Fantastic treatment for your tired feet or if you been wearing uncomfortable shoes. Foot massage have relaxing effect on your entire body. It is very important to give attention to your feet to keep them flexible and healthy. Regular foot massage have many benefits for you as improving blood circulation, better sleeping, it can relieve stress and discomfort  from your body, relieves aches and pain etc.


REFLEXOLOGY OF THE FOOT- reflexology points are special points on your feet that correspond to different organs of your body. It is also known as zone therapy. That points you can massage and apply pressure to improve health, balance and mood, increase circulation, remove blocked energy and promote healing. Reflexology  cleanses the body of toxins and boosts the immune system.

THAI MASSAGE (THAI YOGA MASSAGE) works to clear energy blockages, restore balance and bring harmony to the body. You remain fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothes and lie down on a floor mat because it is traditionally performed on the floor. Thai massage is an therapy involving the gentle stretching of muscles with pressure from a practitioner's palms, thumbs and feet. In thai massage we use movements that are similar to yogic stretching, too. So you will be streched and set into different positions. In some Spas or other centres or studios Thai massage can be performed on massage table because of space limitations or because of the clients who can not go down or up from the floor because of some health problems. Clients with specific medical conditions should not have Thai massage so it is very important to have consultation with a therapist before taking massage.  


Bamboo massage incorporates bamboo stalks of different lengths and diameters which can be warmed in a heating pad or used at room temperature. Longer sticks are used for gliding strokes and rolling movements mostly for larger muscles such as the back and thighs. Smaller tools can be used for more detailed work as for knots and trigger points, smaller muscles and hands and feet.

Bamboo massage can improve sleep quality and help insomnia, increases joint and muscle flexibility, stimulates blood circulation, increases mental clarity, reduce pain, reduces cellulite, helps remove toxins from the body, it improves lymphatic drainage, release tension in muscles etc. The release of endorphins provides the body with a natural painkiller. It can actually improve the skin texture, too.




The origin of Pinda Sweda Massage comes from the oriental and Ayurvedic medicine. The pindas are linen bags tied at the top by a cord. They can be filled with aromatic and medicinal herbs, spices, dry fruits, cereals and cooked rice in regular or plant based milk or water. Herbs that we can use are chamomile, rosemary, mint, lavender, comfrey and other. We can add turmeric or essential oils too. Milk nourishes and hydrates the skin, and spices and medicinal herbs relieve pain. We prepare pindas depending on the client’s body type as well as health condition

and desired outcome. .

We start massage with Abhyanga – a relaxing massage with warm oils and we continue with warm pindas. Pinda Sweda Massage reduce effects of stress on the body and mind, improve lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, sleeping and skin texture, reduce pain, swelling and stiffness, remove toxins from the body, release stress, etc.